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Spacemesh develops the innovative consensus protocol Proof of Space Time based on a DAG for more energy efficiency and more transactions.

Business Model.


Spacemesh rebuilds the operating system powering an energy-efficient, decentralized, secure, and scalable smart contracts global computer and a cryptocurrency in the permissionless settings using their innovative Proof of Space Time consensus mechanism.

Our investment history.

Round in December 2021
Valuation post money123M USD
Capital raised2.8M USD
Equity investment by tokentus200K USD
Token offering in December 2021
Valuation post money252M USD
Capital raised700K USD
Token investment by tokentus57.5K USD

The compilation of the above information is based on publicly available information and/or information shared by the founders.
Furthermore, we adhere to our contractual confidentiality agreements with our portfolio companies.


We have invested with the following companies into Spacemesh, among others.

Paradigm Capital, Polychain Capital, MetaStable Capital, Lemniscap, gumi Cryptos Capital, Greenfield One, Coinbase Ventures, 1kx, Arrington XRP Capital, Bain Capital, Electric Capital, Dekrypt Capital.

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