Infrastructure for institutional investors.

PolySign provides core infrastructure in the custody, settlement and administration of digital assets for institutional investors and financial services providers.

Business Model.


PolySign is a transformative financial technology company providing institutional investors with cutting-edge blockchain-enabled infrastructure in support of digital assets across the capital markets and payments sectors. The PolySign family of products includes MG Stover, Standard Custody & Trust Co, Polynet and ABC Blockchain. MG Stover is a full-service fund administration firm built by former auditors and fund operators to deliver high-performing solutions to the alternative investment industry. PolySign's New York-regulated custodian, Standard Custody & Trust Company, is a next-generation Qualified Custodian offering novel, patented technology for securing secret keys. Polynet is a settlement layer for cross-chain atomic settlement and ABC Network is a proprietary blockchain solution for digital identity and signatures.

Our investment history.

Series-C in April 2022
Valuation post money502.9M USD
Capital raised30M USD
December 2022
SPV investment by tokentus50K USD

The compilation of the above information is based on publicly available information and/or information shared by the founders.
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We have invested with the following companies into PolySign, among others.

Soros Fund Management, Cowen, Hard Yaka,, GSR, Rosemoor Capital, Brevan Howard Asset Management.

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