Tokenization of assets and us.

Ownera delivers an extensive interoperability trading network for tokenized assets with the objective to create a global unified inter-trading pipeline for digital securities, efficiently connecting siloed tokenization platforms and trading interfaces.

Business Model.


Based on the open-source FINP2P protocol, Ownera’s offering seamlessly connects any type of securities tokenization engine on any public or private blockchain, or even on traditional ledgers. For financial institutions and venues, Ownera can provide clients with a unified digital securities wallet, connected to a single API that aggregates and normalizes the offerings. Clients can then invest, trade, lend and borrow against the connected set of tokenized assets.

Our investment history.

The compilation of the above information is based on publicly available information and/or information shared by the founders.
Furthermore, we adhere to our contractual confidentiality agreements with our portfolio companies.


We have invested with the following companies into Ownera, among others.

JP Morgan U.S. Bank, LRC Group, Draper Goren Holm, Accomplice Blockchain, Archax, Polymorphic Capital and The Ropart Group.

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Series-A in September 2022
Capital raised 20M USD
Equity investment by tokentus500K USD