Verifiable off-chain computation and proof of workflow.

Jiritsu allows companies and protocols to orchestrate and verify any computational workflow, integrating any combination of L1, L2 blockchains and middleware.

Business Model.


With off-chain verifiable compute, Jiritsu allows companies like auditors, banks, insurers, and data providers, to proof that their workflows happened the way they claim. This allows to work with data off-chain while the results can be fed to on-chain oracles to be used by smart contracts on the blockchain without room for manipulation.

Our investment history.

Seed Round in September 2023
Capital raised to date 10.2M USD
SAFE investment by tokentus 300K USD

The compilation of the above information is based on publicly available information and/or information shared by the founders.
Furthermore, we adhere to our contractual confidentiality agreements with our portfolio companies.


We have invested with the following companies into Jiritsu Network, among others.

Shima Capital, Sig Susquehanna, gumi Cryptos Capital, Republic Capital, Evernew Capital, Provenance Blockchain, Polymorphic Capital, Saxon.

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