The Must Have in a blockchain portfolio.

iVE.ONE gives companies and investors access to a modern capital market with the help of digital assets on the blockchain.

Business Model.


iVE.ONE is an infrastructure that enables banks, corporates, asset managers and investment companies access to a modernised financial market with compliant digital securities and cryptocurrencies.

Our investment history.

Round in January 2021
Capital raised1.6M EUR
CLA investment by tokentus250K EUR
(Convertible Loan Agreement)

The compilation of the above information is based on publicly available information and/or information shared by the founders.
Furthermore, we adhere to our contractual confidentiality agreements with our portfolio companies.


We have invested with the following companies into iVE.ONE, among others.

High-Tech Gr├╝nderfonds, EOS Capital Partners GmbH, CV VC AG.

We invest in you.

We are looking for targets that strive to change business from scratch.

You invest in us.

You are looking for a solid future proof partner to invest in.