This is how we occupy the insurance industry.

Breach insures digital assets and allows users, for example, to insure their bitcoins against hacks and theft on major exchanges.

Business Model.


Breach insures digital assets and allows users to insure their crypto on popular exchanges, for example, against hacks and theft. Breach is pioneering uncharted territory for the insurance industry by developing, underwriting, and distributing insurance solutions for the growing cryptocurrency market.

Our investment history.

Round in December 2020
Valuation post money5.25M USD
SAFE investment by tokentus100K USD
(Simple Agreement for Future Equity)
Valuation multiple from Round December 2020 to 20214
Series-A in April 2021
Valuation post money22M USD
Capital raised2.5M USD
SAFE investment by tokentus48K USD

The compilation of the above information is based on publicly available information and/or information shared by the founders.
Furthermore, we adhere to our contractual confidentiality agreements with our portfolio companies.


We have invested with the following companies into Breach, among others.

Goodwater Capital, Global Founders Capital, Alumni Ventures, Blockrocket.

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