Providing user protection during on-chain transactions.

Blink Labs is a product platform that enables wallet providers and custodians to protect their customers (end users) from market abusive behavior during on-chain transactions.

Business Model.


Every time a crypto transaction is carried out on a blockchain, transaction fees, so-called gas fees, have to be paid. These gas fees can be artificially driven up by market abusive behavior such as front running, back running, arbitrage, sandwiching or liquidations. So far, end users have hardly been able to protect themselves from these market abusive mechanisms, the associated costs and the loss of value. Blink Labs is a product platform that aims to enable wallet providers and custodians to recover and return customer money lost during transactions, as well as protect their customers from market abusive behaviors.

Our investment history.

Pre-Seed Round in March 2023
Capital raised 1.5M USD
Equity investment by tokentus 150K USD

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We have invested with the following companies into Blink Labs, among others.

CMT Digital, Alliance DAO, Skyland Ventures, DCG Expeditions and a variety of strategic angel investors including the CEO of Kiln and the CEO of Rated.Network.

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