Investment targets

We believe in you.

We are investors. We are mentors. We are believers.

What we are looking for.

We want to meet companies, that use the blockchain as an essential technology to build their business.

Where does the blockchain help to disrupt classic business models? This is the main question. We are as far as the industry is concerned open-minded, but technologically focused.

We are not alone.

We research and invest while being part of a strong network of co-investors.

A successful fund raising is determined by high quality investors. We co-invest with the best blockchain VCs around the world.

6 points of truth.

How we deal with the challenges of blockchain based investments.

How to start ?

If you feel that we are a good partner and investor.

Don't hesitate to contact us directly. Preferably by phone. A direct call is the best way to get connected. If you fit, we are a match.

Are you ready ?

Our investments.

The decision to invest is always mutual.

The target has to choose tokentus as an investor. To be part of a great portfolio is definitely a good argument. To see and be seen.

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